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Ana Dahlman Sunshine Dreaming

Sunshine Dreaming was founded in 2016 by fashion stylist Ana Dahlman. After establishing her career in New York’s fashion industry working at iconic publications and companies such as W Magazine and Barneys New York, she relocated to Sydney, Australia. It was at Bondi Beach Ana embraced her passion for surfing and the beach lifestyle.

On the beach, Ana noticed the frustration people experienced using towels or bags to prop their necks or lugging clunky, plastic beach chairs just to rest comfortably on the sand. She felt there should be a solution that is compact and easy - and, the idea for the Sun Pillow head hammock was born.

Having been to beaches around the world and seeing the impact of waste and garbage, Ana was inspired to incorporate sustainability into her business.

In 2016, Ana settled in Venice, California which has a strong artist community that promotes environmentally friendly living. It was here that Sunshine Dreaming was created with the launch of the first Sun Pillow collection.

Sunshine Dreaming works with local providers to produce merchandise with minimal negative impact on the environment. The wood used in each Sun Pillow is recycled surplus white oak taken from high end materials utilized for hotels, boutiques and other projects. The wood is sourced according to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards, which means the products are crafted from environmentally, economically and socially responsible sources.  All accessories from Sunshine Dreaming are sustainable, handcrafted and unique.

On-model photos of the beautiful Lisa Chamberlain are by the talented Edward Sczudlo. Additional Sun Pillow photos by the Liz Brown for @lizbrownmedia.

Sun Pillow for Yoga